Middle East

  • Henhouse is now a museum
  • 1982 - 1999


    • Wotek FZE (parent organisation in USA) has been operating in Dubai since 1982, originally promoted by Naresh Verma & Arun Mehra. 
    • Wotek originally became associated as the only sole distributor for Danfoss Maneurop products in UAE about 20 years ago. 


    • February 3-5 1990. The middle and Far East sales conference Danfoss Refrigeration and Industrial Controls Dubai. 


    • In October 1999, Wotek built a new office and logistic centre in Jebel Ali Free Zone of Dubai. This is situated strategically close to the Gulf entrance with easy access to the entire Arabian Peninsula. 
    • Jebel Ali Free Zone offers an ideal regional distribution centre to reach over 1.4 billion consumers in the surrounding countries. Over 1500 companies from 72 different countries have offices in the Free Trade Zone.

    2003 - 2007


    • In 2003, Danfoss A/S entered into joint venture partnership with Wotek with initial participation of 60% of the share capital. During the joint venture tenure Wotek undertook Administration, Accounting, Logistic, IT & Management activities of AESC on behalf of both the companies. 


    • In April 2007, Gerhard Strauss was appointed as Chairman to the Board for Danfoss AESC and was stationed in Dubai till his retirement in March, 2008. 
    • In December 2007, joint venture came to an end with Wotek, by Danfoss A/S buying 35% out of 40% share which was held by Wotek, The residual share of 5% retained by Wotek, was agreed to buy back in year 2010 with a pre-determined purchase price, but the holding continues due to certain legalities. 
      However Naresh Verma continues his association with AESC in his personal capacity as Director & as a consultant to support sales and marketing activities through a new contract starting in 2011. 

    2010 - 2016


    • Danfoss Middle East moves to new facilities
      Danfoss FZCO, moved to new facilities on April 21st 2010. 
      Julio Molinari, GM of the company said “It was very important for us to get our own place that we can identify with, this new office is the result of the hard work of all employees in Middle East that were making the company grow, forcing the need to improve the facilities in order to better serve the customers ”. 
      The new office has four meeting rooms, a training room fully equipped for hands on training, a PE laboratory, RA showroom and a spacious open office. It is spread over an area of 630 sq .m. and has a warehouse facility of 1750 sq.m.


    • Danfoss Win Best Manufacturer/ Supplier/ Channel for refrigeration in food industry
      On the 23rd of November 2011, The Climate Controls Awards ceremony was conducted at the Atlantis hotel, Dubai, UAE. The awards ceremony was organized by the leading HVACR trade publication Climate Control Magazine in the Middle East region. 
      Danfoss was declared the winner for the category of Best Manufacturer/Supplier/ channel for refrigeration in food industry. The award was received by Mr. Anupam Dewan, Sales and Marketing Director, RC CC Division, Danfoss Middle East.


    • New VLT® Lift Drive – elevated
      The new Danfoss VLT® Lift Drive is designed specifically for lifts to provide smooth, silent and economical performance. 
      Developed for all motors and grid voltages a Lift Drive solution is suitable for both rope and hydraulic elevators in open or closed loop systems. Fitting all common feedback systems, they are swift to mount and commission with just 10 parameters or less.confidence.


    • In United Arab Emirates Danfoss premises take up space equal to 630 sqm.  
    • In Saudia Arabia Danfoss premises take up space equal to 200 sqm. 
    • 25 years partnership 
      Recently Technical Trading Est., Danfoss’ main distributor in the United Arab Emirates, inaugurated their new showroom and training facility. The inauguration was done by Leif Flojgaard, Regional President of Middle East and Africa, and Abdulla F. Al Gurg, Group General Manager of Easa Saleh Al Gurg (group company of Technical Trading Est.). The celebration of 25 years partnership was done by cutting the cake in the shape of a condensing unit.

      “Technical & Trading establishment has been a part of Danfoss family for decades. We share a special longstanding relationship. I am sure this showroom combined with a training facility is going to be a good experience for our customers.”


    • Royal Crown Prince Couple visited our stand
      Danfoss took part in the Danish Trade Promotion campaign in Saudi Arabia from February 27 – March 1. More than 40 Danish companies and interest groups participated at the export-oriented event. Among the delegation participants was the Danish Royal Crown Prince Couple, who, along with Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Zamil, Council of Saudi Chambers Chairman, visited the Danfoss booth and during, Her Highness Crown Princess Mary told how a Saudi Official had remarked that the Danish Royals should bring pleasant weather with them to Saudi Arabia, to which His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik replied: “...but we have Danfoss for that” – a reply that gathered laughs all around. From the Saudi Arabian side, a lot of prominent ministers came to greet the Royal Couple and see the Danish business delegation.


    • New cold storage facility in Dubai
      Fanar Al Khaleej has been a Danfoss customer for more than 15 years. When they expanded their business recently and decided to move to Dubai’s industrial zone, they also decided to go for ICF technology from Danfoss. So in March, Danfoss and Fanar Al Khaleej presented the first Danfoss ICF ammonia-based cold storage model in the United Arab Emirates region. The cold storage facility has been built for Dubai-based United Foods, a food and processing company that produces several brands of edible oils, margarine, butter, and ghee (clarified butter) for both the domestic and export markets. Due to the very high cost of land in Dubai, the refrigeration solution had to be compact, with a particularly small footprint.


    • Having fun with colleagues in Dubai 
      At the Danfoss office in Dubai all colleagues gathered for a BBQ-event on May 26. A part of the event they played games focusing on three Behaviors in Action: Go beyond the ordinary, Lead by example, and Embrace diversity. The main activity was "Engineering a Danfoss Roller Coaster" which requires high levels of communication and collaboration between team members. That was the perfect challenge to help individual skills, and to create something a team can really be proud of. It incorporates all aspects of a construction teambuilding activity. They had so much fun and the enjoyed it.


    • Biggest audience ever in Saudi Arabia
      Under the headline “Engineering Tomorrow's Industrial Refrigeration Solutions in Saudi Arabia”, Danfoss has held two seminars focusing on industrial refrigeration. More than 30 different companies took part in the two-day seminars in the cities Jeddah and Riyadh. And the seminars have been some of the biggest ever held by Danfoss in Saudi Arabia. From Danfoss, Anatolii Mikhailov, Director, Product Management IRF, and Niels P. Vestergaard, Global Application Expert IR, talked about Cold Chain Solutions and global drivers and trends within the industry. Also, local Sales Directors Ziad Al Bawaliz and Zahi Dimachkie took part in the events. 


    • Danfoss opens an office in Iran
      Danfoss keeps on rapid growth in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey (TMA) Region. Having operated in Iran uninterruptedly for more than thirty years, Danfoss is now taking a new step for another investment in the region: the opening of an official office in Teheran. 
      The Iran office opened with a ceremony with the participation of Danish Consul General in Iran, Dany Annan, Danfoss TMA Regional President, Levent Taşkın, and 18 dealers. 
      In his speech, Levent Taşkın said, “We have been serving in Iran for many years. Having reviewed the Iranian market in recent years, we saw that investing and accelerating our business in Iran would bring benefits both to Iran and Danfoss. From now on, with our new office and local staff, Danfoss will operate “in Iran, for Iran.”
      Further the Head of Drives, Southern Europe and TMA Region, Marco Airola, Turkey General Manager Emre Gören and Iranian General Manager Soheil Mokhtari participated. Danfoss Iran office was opened on October 4 and will serve with its local staff, reporting to the Turkey Office.

    2017 - 2018


    • Danfoss expanding footprint in the Middle East
      Danfoss has been present in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for more than 50 years through distributers and agents. 
      Now Danfoss has secured its footprint on the marked by establishing an office in Jeddah. 
      To mark the official opening, Danfoss invited 280 governmental officials, business associates and partners for two events. 
      Levent Taşkın, Danfoss President of the Turkey, Middle East and Africa Region says: “Saudi Arabia is a key market and having an official presence in the region will not only further cement our position as a market leader, but will also provide our clients with the unparalleled customer service and technical support that Danfoss proudly delivers through a local office.”
      Also speaking at the events was Ole Frijis-Madsen Ambassador of Denmark to Saudi Arabia: “Danish companies will be close partners in the implementation of the ambitious and timely Vision 2030 which the Saudi leadership wisely introduced last year. The opening of Danfoss’ office in Jeddah is a clear and very timely signal about the company’s continued commitment to Saudi Arabia.” 


    • First partner conference a success
      What happens when 23 partners from 17 countries – and with an average of 27 years of doing business with us – meet under one roof with the Danfoss sales team? Well, they challenge the sales team – in a good way – and end up exploring future growth opportunities, digitalization, and partnership. That was the result of the first Danfoss Cooling Partner Conference aimed at wholesalers from the Middle East and North Africa.
      “We did our best to make them feel valued. And the conference turned out a big success. They flooded us with compliments and thanks afterwards. All of them, literally all, said that they would like us to arrange a similar event next year,” says Sales Manager Alexander Abrass, Danfoss Cooling, Dubai.

      Middle East & North Africa Region (MENA) is a sub-region in Turkey, Middle East and Africa Region (TMA).


    • Women’s football for Sustainable Development Goals
      JANUARY 2018: Have fun and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Nine women from nine different countries from the Danfoss Dubai office played in the Global Goals World Cup tournament, a sports event meant to raise awareness and create engagement for UN’s Global Goals. The Danfoss team lost 1 game, won 1 and tied the last game.
      All Danfoss colleagues from the Dubai office and their families were invited to the tournament to show support, and there were lots of Danfoss flags, t-shirts and caps for all, including the children. 
      “This was a fun and different way to bring awareness to Climate Action, so we are very happy even though we didn’t qualify for the quarterfinals!” says Mahshad Sadeghulvad from the team. 


    • 200 customers attended new product launch
      MARCH 2018: Customers had been waiting for it and recently, Danfoss in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia could reveal the new OptymaTM High Ambient 52 Pack. The codensing unit is custom-made for the Gulf countries, offering customers improved food safety and better food preservation. It was launched during a two-day event in Riyadh and Jeddah, where 200 end-users, consultants, installers and other stakeholders were invited. 
      “We had the opportunity to connect directly with refrigeration stakeholders and decision makers in the Saudi Arabian market. With Optyma52, we are showing them that we are open and ready to adapt to the conditions and challenges presented to us in the market” said Alexander Abrass, Senior Sales Manager.


    • Abier takes two awards
      MAY 2018: Anti-Counterfeit Counsel, Danfoss Intellectual Property Department, Abier Wasouf (right) received two awards on behalf of Danfoss at the recent World Intellectual Property Day celebration in Dubai. Here, the Abu Dhabi Customs authorities awarded Danfoss as the company best at providing support and raising awareness about intellectual property matters in 2017. And the Dubai Customs authorities awarded Danfoss for its work supporting students’ innovation projects in the United Arab Emirates. 
      “I am very honored to receive these two awards. They show that the important work Danfoss is doing in intellectual property is being recognized,” says Abier Wasouf who works out of Danfoss in Dubai.
      World Intellectual Property Day takes place on April 26 every year and is marked in countries around the world. The event is organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization. This year’s theme was Powering Change: Women in Innovation and Creativity.

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